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This is your employee portal to:
1) Complete NPG required employee documentation, handbook policies and procedures.
  • Application
  • Employment Handbook
  • I-9 (Please choose documents from List A or List B & C to submit once you have completed your I-9)
    • Click on the upload button, select the document of your choice and hit submit.
    • If you need to upload more than one document, please highlight the web address (located in your web browser), and press enter/return. This will allow you to upload another document.
  • Personnel Record Form
  • Federal Tax Form
2) Review and Enroll in NPG company sponsored Employee Benefits.
3) Onboard to NPG payroll.
4) Review and enroll in NPG company sponsored Retirement Savings Plan.
5) Access key websites for more information on Benefits and Retirement plan providers.
Now let’s get started.


HR Generalist

T’Neisha Turner



Relationship Manager

Chris Lawson



Benefits Broker

Max Morgan

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