Bazilio Cobb Associates

Welcome BCA!

This is your employee portal to:
Complete Bazilio Cobb & Associates required employee documentation, handbook policies and procedures.
  1. On-Boarding Forms (All candidates must complete this section)
    1. Application
    2. Consent Form (Background Check)
    3. Background Check (After you click on the button “Background Check”, click on “Register Now”)
    4. Personnel Record Form
    5. Confidentiality Policy
    6. New Hire Policy
    7. Employee Handbook
    8. I-9 (Send list of Acceptable Documents)
  1. Verra Mobility Documents (Battery Techs only)
        1. Non-CDL Packet
        2. Driver Requirements
        3. MVR Release Form
        4. Safe Driving Policy
        5. BCATC1 
  2. PSI (PSI New Hires Only)
        1. PSI Policy Amendment 
  3. Payroll (All Candidates must complete this section)
      1. Direct Deposit Form (Send in a blank voided check or a direct deposit form from your bank in addition to filling out the Paychex direct deposit form)
      2. Federal Tax Form
      3. State Tax Form









HR Administrator

Margaret Haywood



HR Consultant/Benefits Advisor

Chris Lawson

(301) 249-9554 ext. 102



Benefits Advisor

Carl Williams

(301) 267-2173